Your 2 cents.
An endeavor to help poisterity find the best way.

  This site is an endeavor to allow people to help refine solutions to a better future.

  Since reality dominates the matter, inherently implies that we need to find how to best function within that realm and to generate those things that matters most as a civilization of individuals.  Being only humans we are, required to limit our determinations to being beliefs, hypothesis and theories that always fall short of being absolutely provable.  None the less, that factor shouldn't stop us from trying find and exercise a civilizing harmony within our given allowance.  I tend to be careful though.  the prevailing attitude among some abusive types is to have 'the victims' go beyond their limits to put them under their control.  Such oppressive behavior is notably self destructive; yet may well be a playing out of the state they are in already.  Definitely a down hill process all the way around.  That is one reason I was somewhat enlightened by the meaning of the Hebrew word for 'son'.  The same word is used for 'builder'.

  Please fell free to give your insight on the matters we are trying to address here.  Or even suggest there is others we should try to weigh in on.  Even the lightest wind comes to change our weather some day, they say.  So be honestly where you are in this diverse reality, even if it is ever so quiet.  The integrity with reality is where we all need to be (and breath) ...


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